Photography With S22 Ultra

Hi, advice on how to take the best photos with the Samsung S22 Ultra. Thanks


I usually set volume keys to busrt shot and use 3:4 setting, not the 3:4 108mp on. That one is for those single shots you can get with clarity. Burst is just as good and you can use it at your side with the old hipshot stradegy. Practice walking with it like that. This is best when out door shooting and screen brightness all the way to low. Otherwise use uhd vid to record vid using black screen app and pull pics from there when indoors.

You can copy your camera app to samsung secure folder. You can take vid and pics from there. If you close your phone dont unlock that area of your phone when you turn it back on. This looks all those things you took behind knox encryption. And its not in you regular gallery. Either way if anyone ever gets your phone they have to unlock encrypted secure folder…


Thanks for Advice

Thinking of getting this setup myself. Thanx for the great advice.

What do you mean by locking and then unlocking the secure folder? You mean dont go back to the secure folder when you eventually unlock the phone?

If you turn your screen off and you are recording from secure folder, the fiart thing that pops up is the unlock for secure folder. So just close that window. Reason I mention this is in case someone asks you to sho them your phone…but even then they cant access that without your code either way. I use this method in really risky placea.

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Awesome man, appreciate the insight.

Give it a test at home juat to get familar with it.