Pics keep uploading sideways?

Hey all, I know I’m new here and probably just don’t know the ins and outs of the site but my pics always upload sideways even tho they perfectly cropped and rotated and everything. It automatically rotated the pic in my last post so I manually changed the pixels so it’d be portrait but doing that makes the full pic not show in the preview. Just a little confused and don’t wanna get kicked off for not rotating pics even tho I do before uploading. Any and all help would be appreciated, much love

Are you uploading it from your phone camera?

You may have to rotate the pics and or change photo size.

Yeah I am, right off camera roll

You saying rotate them to landscape on my phone so they’ll get rotated back to portrait when I upload?

Possibly just take some practice pictures and see how they develop and you’ll know for sure

True, good thinking bro I’ll try it out

Yeah usually that’ll work

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Bet, thanks y’all I appreciate it

You’re welcome