Pink hair black and white short shorts OC!

She had a visible bright pink thong to match the hair but camera wasn’t picking it up



Bro this post is lower quality than some of the ones I’ve had removed. This site is so fucking backwards. Still great shots though, not gonna downplay it.


Let’s see some good quality rather than bashing others.

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Tbh it can be “bad” camera quality and have a great ass or sexy girl and it wouldn’t matter because the girl can balance it out lol.

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Good post. Nice ass and sexy girl. Wish there was more and wish there was a video.

this shit from like 2015 lol

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Some changes are processing my friend don’t be discouraged patience

Dude u should have posted some quality though…a shooter did notice the low effort despite how old it is.

Bro what a perfect whore

Even though it’s not “HD quality” the ass is still worthy to look at and share. I’m glad he posted it. Great ass

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Exactly my point. I agree. The quality isn’t even that bad either

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Haha see and there is the issue :smile: to each it’s own.

Amo a las chicas en short y sandalias…