Post needs approval... but I can't find it?

I wrote a post and uploaded photos. After I hit post, it says it needed to be approved. Now I can’t find it anywhere within my recent activity, drafts or anything.
What the heck’s that about?
Was just hoping to post it and get it out there so that I could add more to it.

EDIT I might just try reposting it. another post says it might have to do with the words you use, but honestly there’s nothing in there that I can see as being in need of approval (as I’m aware of a few of the words that get posts rejected…)

Double edit… so both need approval. Mods I guess you can delete the second attempt at posting whenever that gets approved :no_mouth: :sleepy: (sorry not trying to be whiny. Just really excited to get feedback on the new content lol)


It’s been an hour, approved the first post only as you mentioned