Preferred number of likes on post

Just curious and interested on what number of likes on your post makes you feel good about that catch? Feel free to comment that number.

I have nothing uploaded on here but you regularly see posts hit 150-200 within 24 hours. So that’s probably the minimum range to consider it successful. 100 or less seems disappointing considering the size of the audience. 50 or less would be “delete this now”.

(this is for new posts only, there’s lots of older posts with fewer likes because there weren’t as many users back then.)

I can’t speak for any shooters on here but really if a post isn’t getting 200+ within a few days I would consider that a less popular post. This is why some shooters have started saying things like “200 likes and I’ll post the video”. Sad that they need to do it, but I get it.

But for me, I think comments are more important than likes. A thread with dozens of comments is more interesting than one with hundreds of likes but hardly any comments.


Not amount of likes could make me feel bad about my catches Lol, i know i don’t shoot every subject that crosses my path so that it be popular or not here does not relate with how i feel.

Personally i don’t care about likes. Im just happy to contribute and share captures. People may not hit the like button but definitely enjoy the pics.


i just like getting good feedback in the comments, the likes don’t matter to me as much. i just kept this candid thing to myself for so long i feel grateful to be in a community where others do the same and i don’t feel alone about it anymore. on top of that i’ve posted some amazing caps that have low likes so i really don’t think likes are good at determining whether your cap is successful or not


Well high likes are a likely indicator of higher quality content, but the popularity reflects more the tastes of the forum more than whether they’re actually a successful cap, only you as the shooter can really decide that.

I have a lot of content (not uploaded here) that I love but might not get too many likes on here because the tastes here are quite specific.

When I suggested numbers in my previous post for “successful” I really only mean by this forums standards.

Truly, it’s all based on other’s opinions here. Show & Tell, then it’s critique. I mean there’s a lot of factors that go into the shooting.

If you hit all the checkmarks. I.e. great looking subject, good quality tits, and ass, what the subject is wearing,
proximity of the subject.

I appreciate likes and feedback it keeps one driven. More than likely you will be shocked how many ppl watch a video don’t like, or comment.

Although it will have over 10K views or more lol. If i can hit the requirements before 24hrs it’s all good and if not try again👍

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I agree with what others have said. I think there’s A LOT more people who view and actually enjoy the photos/videos most people post, but just won’t tap the like heart. I’ve seen plenty of other shooters’ content on here that deserve WAYYY more likes than what they currently have.

wait really 10k?

Have you not checked the views on your own threads? Thousands

Ok here’s proof. It’s over 10k views, but I’m sure u get the idea.