Pretty Emo Girl in Dress

She was so pretty I just had to take some pics. Sorry for the less than preferred quality, she was walking and it was very dark in the store. :grimacing:


She’s a beauty hope some days phone cameras get smarter for quicker settings which would make pics clearer. Even outdoors it was too slow.


I just film and pull still frame out later. HD 1080 P these days One day I’ll get a phone that can shoot at 4k at 60 fps with a steady feature . .

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That would be ideal but my camera is horrible for videos, not the best in general even. So just going for bursts most often is the best for me

Oh fuck she is so cute. Shieeeet. I dont even wanna be a perv, like she makes me wanna take her out and buy her things in hopes of at least a steamy make out session lol. Great find.

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That’s it exactly bro :weary:

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:open_mouth: ALV puuffffff

menudita pero esa vestimenta uufff la hace lucir como toda una gran dama mmmm bien men

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