(Prev.) Faceshots of Sweden [oc] 🇸🇪

Hot man I love Sweden

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I will post a topic for her tomorrow. Stay tuned :v:

Nr. 22: Viking Queen from Sweden [oc] :sweden:

Nr 3 looks fucking gorgeous

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Already checked out her post?

Curly Hair, White Pants VPL [oc] :star_struck:

Nice choice :ok_hand:
14 already has a post.
4 got a few shots in this topic.
And for 2 I need to check my footage.
But I fear it was just a quick encounter…

16 is really hot too

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Yeah she’s the best. It will be a special topic when I post her :smiling_face:

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Great captures :clap::+1:

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Thanks mate :ok_hand:

Excellent, fantastiska tjejer min vän!

You wouldn’t happen to want to brighten my (and certainely everyone’s) saturday by sharing right side girl number 1? The big booty one!

Either way phenomenal, especially since they’re swedish! ;)

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I was focusing on the girl in jeans, but I got you:


Amazing! Thank you tonnes!

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We talk about how the U.S. has crazy diversity and genetics, and that’s true black with white, white with Asian, Hispanic with Asian (a female friend of mine is both Mexican and Korean), and yet I took a trip to Canada last year and was so surprised to see all the fair-skinned, thin, fit women up there.
A healthy mixture of different genetics are there as well.

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More of 8, 19, and 20?