Problem with winter

Hello, I am here to state my problem with winter, at least, why I hate it. While yes, with the cold weather, women do tend to wear tight leggings to keep themselves warm, they also tend to protect the goods by wearing a long coat that basically covers them. It is very rare to see a subject wearing a sweater, especially where I’m from (not disclosing that information). Anyway, thought I’d state my opinion and see what your thoughts are.


Welcome to the Midwest.

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Not from the midwest.

Same issues here. All I’m saying.


Ah, alright.

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Definitely makes for a greater challenge!

yes brother the cold weather bullshit effects us all… the midwest is hell for candids… although, it was in the 60s(°f ) here in kansas city today… gonna be near the same tomorrow… i cant take pics when im saddled up and rolling down the road listening to metal and the pipes roaring… fck i hate winter…

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I guess i am lucky then, still women here who wear skirts and leggings without long coats.

Wow, lucky!

Same Problem here but temperature rises slowly and so the coats too.

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this is true. but every once in a while you’ll find the bold, attention seeking, desperate, slut who can’t help herself. no matter the weather she absolutely must have the attention on her goods. Try indoor sporting events, college campuses and places that attract snotty arrogant females…stores like Target, Lululemon and Starbucks to name a few. Walmart may be good, the subject matter tends to be trashier but in desperate times like winter season, that might be just the place to find a female who cares just little enough to show that package even in cold weather.


Thanks for the advice

Yes. It gets to be 33 degrees and it is go time.

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The only 2 things I like about living in Southern California is the warm weather and the amount of ass you can find on any given day. Besides that, it blows.

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