PSA: For anyone wondering; 100% of my posted content is my own and any suggestion otherswise is false

I have been a member of other sites, so just because you saw this content on other sites, does not make it some elses. I do not watermark my work because i simply don’t care about people ripping them. They’re just asses. Theres a million of them outside your window.



What other sites do you see or post?

TCZ, TCF and multiple candid forums. Quite a few of my vids were on porn vid sites before the huge cull

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I quit for some time this profession, and now when I came back, many forums i followed were close now. I really feel sad for all the tumblr blogs, they were my favorites, so many big and tigh asses

I miss TCZ though. Compared to TCF, TCZ was a much more “friendlier” place.


Don’t get me started on TCF. The owner is a real POS. He disabled accounts if he felt you didn’t contribute enough but kept all of your content. I remember private messaging him about the situation and he was a real piece of work about it. Registration has been closed for about a year now.

As for TCZ, it just shut down with no warning, everyone just lost all of their rep without any prior heads-up. Some speak of a law enforcement interjection because there were some questionable posts. Makes me wonder why this site doesn’t allow upsk!rts, seeing as it’s illegal in the UK. Trying to stay cocher I suppose.

Hoping this site doesn’t evaporate into thin air.


Literally, not every user is going to contribute a video. Most of us don’t want to be labeled as “creeps” every time in public and just want the satisfaction of seeing a hot PAWG, chick, or woman who we may never see in public ourselves.

I always thank the others who risk it to create some spanking good content.


Ugh Tumblr was a goldmine for candids. There is still some but no wher near as what there was a fw years back.

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would you consider trading some stuff?

I have maintained my Tumblr somehow. I believe because I made two settings changes about being searchable and visible. I’ve had three for ….7-8 (10?) years at least. Most of my shares from others are still viewable. Once in a while I’ll get a notification. Their is actually a Twitter user with same content active from before…the big boot!

I reposted tumbler only, had 65-75k followers on Twitter, it crept up over a year only! I still see it on my phone :cry:

Never lost mine! Been loading content since December 2017 and never been booted! I was booted from Twitter

Only issue is the quality!

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TCF seems alright for me and that the registration is unfortunate since my old acc went inactive since i didnt had much time so yeah now i have to pay. But its good too i mean that way they can be safe and keep out the lurkers. Never spoke to the Owner.

TCZ was my first forum and i was sad when it closed down. But i suspect TC to be their new site (It completly looks the same with the same software etc just a few minor difference) and its a big money printing machine with their forced upload to their own host (which majorly sucks because you only are allowed as a free user to download 1 video a day, the speed is alright), the pictures on the posts are all automatically watermarked with a big watermark + you are forced to reply to the thread to see the actual link.

So yeah stay away from that site if you dont want to waste too much time. I wish either TCF was open or was much bigger.