Purple leggings - Video

Jiggle jiggle :peach:


Here is the video. Either you can download it in full HD from mediafire. This version contains one more scene: .

Or for streaming:

So everyone should be satisfied


Nice! She’s really sexy.

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Great video ! Love the way her cheeks move, and beautiful butt dimples :eggplant::sweat_drops:

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So nice and firmly jiggly not quite like jello. Wonder if that guy that cut in was creeping too at the end to get some shots too.

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I dont think so. She walks faster at the end to get him bet-ween us :grin:

Appreciate both the versions for the video

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She’s a treat for sure! A+

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Pictures can be found here:


Excellent video, thanks for sharing.

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Sadly I dont have new videos at the moment, instead we can look at her again :peach: