Question: Have you guys ever banged or gotten numbers from women you’ve captured candids of?

Wait. He went to sleep with out giving you any. So you got head from the mom instead? Haha. Classic

I used to take creep shots of my mates gf back before I got on to this site. Long story short, we still continue to bang to this date and she is married to him now.
I know it’s wrong but her body is amazing and she’s a ginger.

Would love to see that video

Bro can i see that content. Thanks for sharing.

Ive never shot candids of a girl i dated, got nudes sent to me from gfs though

Being an attractive dude makes the attention giving and “creeping” a huge turn on for a single chick, especially for MILFs. I get lots of MILFs bending over for me, and at that age bro they are 100% aware of it.

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I’ve hooked up with a few milfs and gilf’s I’ve gotten candids of! One of them knew what I was doing and was actually the “catalyst” behind us hooking up lol

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pls submit the creep shots. maybe blurr them

ever ever dude

Only one a couple of years ago. I already posted her but she gave me a bj when her husband was gone

got any pics of vids of it? if u do pass em on if you dont mind

any pics or vids of her?

kinda late but mind sending any of the vids?

kinda late but you have any pics or vids

Did you not read what I wrote?

A couple of the women I’ve fucked. Got some vids of it as well, hmu if you want them….


Yes. Many times

Fucked a coworker of mine at a restaurant, she was a host and I was a busser at the time. I would take creepshots of her ass from time to time. I was overworked and didn’t get paid properly so I quit, I was a good worker and everyone agreed, and my coworker texted me that night, saying she has been thinking bout quitting too, she asked to smoke. We hung out. Started talking. Found out her boyfriend was a control freak, one thing led to the other. We were in bed watching a movie and she moved to her side. I ofc was behind her and started rubbing her ass, she looked behind to make eye contact. And then just turned back around. Not a word was said but she gave it up


You make me wanna work at the airport holt shit the eye candy must be insane daily
Youve been killing it since the year began btw big shoutout

Hey man, do you mind sending me some of the videos please? Maybe in private messages? It’s okay if you don’t. Your a great candid man.