Question on a Go Pro 8

Okay question here, has anyone used a go pro to film or capture photos before? If so, what’s a good technique you guys prefer? Otherwise I’m sticking with my Samsung galaxy s10+ for photos…


I just recently got the 8, haven’t used it for this specifically yet. Been hermitting for obvious reasons. The 8 also gets you into the new battery for longer life and no need to buy the new one!!

There are sooooo many attachment types it’s just ridiculous! There is chest, head, backpack, waist, and others like a body board and anything else you can think of. That alone is enough as far as location for the device.

I love the fact you can view your shot live on your phone with the app; can’t use a watch unless you use GoPros watch. The stability has been amazing! So, attached to something there may be some jumping but that’s while jogging! Still testing possibilities.

I actually used the body board one this past summer to catch waves (cheaper, 60$ knock off) and I couldn’t believe how stable.


Nice, I didn’t know about the many options of the attachments. Thanks for the input.

search for tutorials on youtube

You may have to do some post editing and brighten up the photos. GoPros aren’t the best at low light conditions.

I disagree. To me, black pants cover too much. Bright colored leggings are the best. They reveal everything so well.

black leggings are perfect with sunlight


I preferably enjoy black or grey leggings. I’m gonna test my luck with my gopro