Question: When Choice Come Up

So I went to Target just to see what was “on sale” - and was disappointed with selection. Just as i was leaving, i came across this hottie with a super botty in jeans I knew I had to cap. As i was starting, from the corner of my eye another beauty came into my view with VTL leggings.
Anyone else had to choose when you have two hotties like this before??


All the time when you’re in target, Walmart, and tj Maxx, what you do in these situations is pick the better of the two and just focus on capping only them. Getting the best shots and angles, but you can also get a few shots of one follow them around for a bit and then go look for the other baddie


always, i just go with whoever got the nicest ass :rofl: im sure who you could guess which one i woulda went after


Heres the rest of the pictures


The babe in jeans had a fatty. The tights chick had a nice rack, but heavy makeup…eek!


Finally got the vids to upload
Here’s two from this day

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Well yea should be a common thing to choose in certains places right? Lol