Are we not supposed to post them under skirts at all even if it technically wasn’t under the girls skirt was just pulled up showing the bottom of her ass cheeks.

In a grocery store mind you…

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U should be good if she just pulled it up herself, and you weren’t at a super low angle

It was just a super short skirt and you can clearly see the bottom of her ass

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Go ahead n post it

This is a real grey area. I would say that as long as you weren’t intentionally trying to film under clothing then it might be ok, but we will have to see.

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I would say it’s fine your not at a low angle and it’s the bag clearly pulling the skirt up


I hope that gets a post because wow.


Really hope you’re able to post this!

I don’t see a problem with this one, but it’s still a grey area. I would say go ahead and post.

Did anyone say anything?

Did you ask her for permission to post it?

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Link the post here :)


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Just create post. Just awaiting approval, I’ll link here once it’s up.

@dbcooper @Groot576566 my post was removed? Thought I had the go ahead to post it.

Sorry I got here kinda late huh!
This post would have been preferred NOT to share. It is a grey area but anything close is being removed. It’s all for the sake of keeping this site up and running!!
Wish I would’ve got here sooner, again sorry.

For whatever reason this post kept getting pushed, it wasn’t even on my new topics page. Last night I had 10-15 new topics over 1d and now I have none. Probably gnna post a question for that issue…

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All good. That’s why I asked first, I definitely get it.

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Sorry man, I really thought this would be okay…but I completely understand why other mods disagreed.

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I was actually just banned without warning three days for my post of the girl at the fair in SHORTS on a windy day… Not even at an upward angle. Sucks the rule isn’t very clear and it’s so up for interpretation.


Banned without a warning even? I’ve seen specific images get removed from posts but the rest stayed up.