If a girl pussy lips are unintentionally hanging out and someone caps it is that considered upshorts. Or if the wind moves a dress to where you can see the girls panties is that a upskïrt. Don’t want to post it and get banned for something silly so I’m asking now

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Best to inbox a mod and run it by them. It’s ultimately there call.

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Well if any mods see this pls hit me up so I can show yall

Send it to me. I know a guy who knows a guy.


lol nice one

funny i was just thinking about posting something like this yesterday. the line betw.een all of these upshots upskrts etc. is way too blurry. i feel like the rule should be removed personally. (disregarding nudity) you can post bikinis on here, you see nothing but bitches with thongs and a whole bunch of ass. but me doing an upskrt for the same results is wrong? and what about upshots. evidently a popular angle within the community, but is that not the exact same thing as an upskrt? ive seen bitches with they cheeks hanging out of shorts and upshots be posted, but dresses or skirts is where the line is drawn. apparently they dont have a problem with skirts flying up either because ive seen a post of that recently. so what is the purpose of this rule seriously. definitely need a mod to go into detail about it. orrr just remove the rule completely. nobodys complaining :rofl: (they even censored the word, jeez lol)

example one (short skirt already revealing, why could i not take an upshot here? revealing just as much as a bikini would which is allowed)
example two (skirt is literally up??? is this not revealing the exact same thing an upskrt would?)


It’s about personal space and reasonable privacy. If a woman puts it out there in plain view with intent to show it (such as a bikini or a ridiculously short skirt) then it’s fair game, but if you have to crawl on the floor to see something that otherwise wouldn’t be visible to you then it’s crossing that proverbial line, plus it’s a crime.

The upshot argument doesn’t hold water because every woman that has been posted with that angle are all fully clothed. If you’re asking about dresses and incidental exposure then MAYBE you get an exception such as when nipple slips occur, but you can’t go looking for that kind of shot by crawling under dresses, it has to be out in plain view of everyone. To say it’s one in the same is completely wrong. This site will never endorse a crime so quit the bitching now because you’re not going to win that argument with the mods.

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My case in point, this happened just yesterday…

interesting. thanks for the thorough response. not bitching, genuinely curious. didnt know upskrts were illegal, should be stated in the rules. invasion of privacy is funny considering we upload revealing pictures including face shots without consent, but i understand.

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I wasn’t targeting the bitching remark at anyone in particular, just a general statement to everyone who thinks “well why not?” This is one of those things that gets some traction from time to time on the forum and I just wanted to shut it down immediately.

As for your inquiry about legality, yes every country is different but the general rule of thumb is that if you can see it just standing there then it’s fair game, like that shot where the wind caught a skirt. There’s a famous Marilyn Monroe picture where the subway passed under her and the air blew up her dress. That was a big deal because every paparazzi at the time got that free shot we all know and love.

But yeah, I would say regardless where you live just don’t infringe on personal space. This includes following the target within inches for minutes at a time, that will definitely draw some unwanted attention to you. Just know what your local laws are and keep it public. Hell, some nude beaches ban photography so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Edit: Forgot to address posting faces, that’s typically accepted as okay because there isn’t an expectation of privacy for your image in general when you’re in public, at least in the US it isn’t. So even if they’re uncomfortable with you taking a picture it’s not illegal if it’s in a PUBLIC area. And note, stores, malls, and the like are NOT public places by definition but most people don’t fight it because that becomes a gray area. However those places are owned by management and can set their rules within so be mindful of that too.


The pics I had in question was a girl sitting on the beach in some some skimpy shorts with her legs open revealing her fat lips. So maybe it shouldn’t be considered upshorts. Another pic is of girls at the park doing yoga with shorts on and in certain pics you get great up short shots. Every mod mods differently so one mod might think it’s ok and another might not.

That’s true, the rules can be interpreted differently by different people and I’m not a mod so I won’t comment to the specific pic in question, but as a general rule as long as you’re not staring into someone’s home, bathroom, or a dressing room where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy then I think it’s okay, but still run it by the mods. @dbcooper is the head mod who will have the last say.

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Yes thanks I spoke to one mod and he gave me advice. I just wanted to share some great shots lol but ig they’ll stay in the vault

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Good on you for asking. Hopefully this just serves to inform some others who may be misinformed, but best of all you stay out of trouble. Happy hunting!

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My opinion is that photos can be shared that show accidental reveals of camel toe or pussy hair, so long as the photographer did not intentionally violate the subject’s privacy or personal space.

For example, I would accept the following scenarios:

a. You’re standing on a public street corner and a gust of wind lifts the subject’s skirt. You happen to be standing nearby and take a picture from a distance.

b. You take a bikini candid and notice later that the bottom is slightly askew revealing a glimpse of pubic hair or camel toe.

All of the above scenarios are only acceptable if the images are taken in public and at a distance. Due to the sensitive nature of these images, I will defer to the judgement of other moderators, and @admin of course.

If you are unsure, please feel free to PM me or other mods to run it buy them first. I would be more than happy to go to batt for any one of you if you give me the curtesy of a review before you post.


Up s kirts are prohibited in our rules, always have been.


I would say images like that should not be allowed, to stay on the safe side of things.


So, I’ve already mentioned it in PM, and although the admin/head mods have had their say, I’ll still chime in to make it clear.

At the end of the day, what is/isn’t allowed is entirely at the discretion of staff - that’s it.

I find this best encapsulates our policies, so I won’t repeat it. To put it simply, don’t go looking for it.

Nudity in any capacity is forbidden. If you even question whether or not you should post it, don’t.

Lastly, ask mods for any clarity. Morality arguments do not hold water, here. It’s objectively the community guidelines, and any attempt to circumvent the rules will result in disciplinary action, depending on the nature of the violation.

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Monroe moments (wind lifting a skirt) are certainly legal, magazines publish them all the time. Looks like its not allowed here though