Thinking about getting a GoPro and out of retirement. GoPros any good for the cost? Or should I go back with a cybershot or something like that.

Cell cams are getting way better, but I am always carrying a bag these days and wondered if GoPro was worth it since its “common” to see that out in open… Cell phones are way too “hot” of target in hand. I notice that chicks always look at my hand when I have my phone in it. I have strategies, but I just see tons I could catch in the open.


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I usually have my cellphone in the open just in a bag, but it is seen so no one is thinking the worst. That’s my preferred method.

Onlytime I’ve ever seen a go pro in the open are usually serious bloggers filming an event, or a photo hotspot etc.

Everyday filiming would be suspicious doing such with a go pro at department stores etc. I think you will definitely need to hide it in a bag, until you get to a liable spot to use safely in “the open.”

A phone in your hand is less suspicious everyone has a phone in they’re hands. you just gotta look natrual just my opinion though.


I have no footage, but haven’t had the chance.

That said, it’s the same as the best cell and then some! I wouldn’t buy the most recent, you don’t need to. I went with a bundle that was two models previous and got into 4k @60fps and no hit to quality like the iPhone does!! And the slo-no is smooth and sick!!! This gets you into the new batteries which last longer. The unit is waterproof no extra stupid case!! Used it in the ocean for hours, can confirm. You can buy (?) into features to hide a selfie stick and even get a 180 degree view that is crazy to watch. There’s a free app to use with the device, not required. There is a watch that can provide additional settings like the front of the Black model, there is also a cheaper off-brand version of the watch you can get with stupid amount of mounts/accessories if you prefer.

I got a Black model bundle with an extra battery, card, headband and few others for like 299$ and I think it was cheaper at Christmas. $250-ish. I bought the battery charger (extra battery) and something else, still less than half price the best phone. There’s also a backpack that allows you to attach several places for like $100, and other stuff, and still half the price!! All GoPro brand, cuz why not??

Since you use a bag, you can probably jig something together, sounds like what your trying to accomplish. if this all matches your style I would pull the trigger!!

If your not fully convinced, try a $75-$139 action camera on Amazon that shoots 4k (fairly GREAT), and comes with a bundle of accessories. SEARCH:

akaso 4k action camera

The only concern would be durability but only like the button not working anymore and the battery door being difficult but that’s after a few years and a few good tumbles. They aren’t waterproof, but your not worried about that, if so they come with a waterproof casing that only drowns out the sound. Again, I started with this years ago and have to admit, great quality for what I used it for (ocean sports) and still heard some stuff/sound.


Sound advise from both of you. Thank you! Its been like 10 or more years out of the game so just trying to figure out my new setup if I start up again. Back then you would even carry around a small digital cam in your pocket cuz cam phones sucked and were last resort…