Quick question about adding videos to my posts

Can I attach a video to the pics I’ve already posted or do I have to make a whole new post for just the video?

I see some of you guys have video AND pictures all in one post & I wanna start doing that but I’m not sure how.

I KNOW that sounds like a stupid question to you regulars but I’m new to posting on forums. Tell me once & I’m good to go, I swear. Thanks in advance


Bet. I’ll try it tomorrow. Preciate your response bro

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Ok I’ll do that for the ones I already got posted & start fresh with pics & a vid from now on


Sometimes the candid io route can bring blurryness, I now upload mega links instead

Hey, I recently posted something, but I couldn’t put link to video or upload to forum neither. It was showing me the notice that I can’t put links in my post. Do you know what to do?

Not a clue. I’m a newbie too and I’m hoping to get some answers

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