Raising Standards

Now that the forum has more users, we have a lot of new posts each day. But not all posts are created equal. Some posts are exceptional quality and feature attractive, pretty subjects with nice bodies. Other posts… not so much.

So to help deal with the volume of low quality posts finding their way onto the forum, I’m considering adding a feature that automatically deletes posts that don’t get at least 10 likes within 24 hours.

What do you guys think?

  • Yes, require 10 likes within 24 hours
  • No, let people post ugly blurry garbage

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I’m not sure if 10 likes is the perfect amount, maybe it should be higher or lower.

Weigh in with your thoughts below!


Now I understand why certain things happened :+1:

10 likes sounds good to me.

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Yes please. I’m tired of seeing ugly fat hags here


Maybe include not having older women like grandmas? Lol


I like the idea, it’s like a challenge! :boom:
I am excited to look for the best quality :muscle:t2:

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This is a brilliant idea! I think a lot of people are tired of the garbage posts pushing the good content down.


i 100% am for this… or maybe like if it dont get 10 likes and has 2 flags… idk… just a thought

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Also seeing a lot of necro of mid quality posts. (Months old post and random user comments “yeah!” or something equally useless)
Don’t get me wrong I’m not talking about legendary posts like purple target lulu, I’ll see that 30x this year and enjoy it.

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We need more likes

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This is definitely a good idea :+1: maybe there will be more likes this way

Overall a good idea. However there are some who will view and enjoy posts bit wont bother liking or commenting. The scourge of the lurker. At least posters, Brill or blurry, are contributing. Making it automatic may not be the way to go.


Well I think there needs to be a removal of “Dumps” too with randoms. The standard of just any woman one see’s without them being attractive shouldn’t be the idea.

People need to ask them selves if it’s worth posting certain pictures of it’s like looking at pants on a clothing rack. At least try to brighten up some black pants as well. Maybe a little longer than 24 hours . Wish there were more commenting on posts.


There are some posts with over 40 likes, and there is zero ass, no body shape, and then there is some “fat ugly” ones with the most beautiful curvaceous ass, with say 9 likes.

I’ve never personally seen a comment on a post on here saying “what ass? There isn’t even one there at all” on a post titled for example “amazing ass in tight jeans” or something. But I have seen comments on posts that are negative towards the “fat ugly” ones. I’m not taking them out on a date. I just come here to see big sexy booty. If I owned this forum, it would be the flat ass beanpoles that get quality controlled.

I think quality control is a great idea, and I think it is needed more. I just wouldn’t want the forum to become less eclectic on the vast mixture of great work.

I have voted yes though, I think the idea is great, worth giving it a go.

If I start not being able to find any “fat ugly” ones, I’ll just make a post asking if the likes amount could be tweeked


I was getting tired of the posts claiming best ass ever,
Then it’s a picture of a flat ass


Agreed. Or maybe since everyone has their own opinion about what “attractive” is, perhaps a requirement of thorough sorts is due for each post. Example; one must disclose approximate age range, color hair, race, outfit and physical body build - “21-25 year old, brunette, white, spandex shorts, skinny build”, a lot do, but simply putting something like “greatest butt ever”, will not do. Perhaps this can weed out the posts everyone wants to see vs. skipping over and not wasting time. And seriously…there must be a requirement to disclose whether the woman is fat or not.

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Not to be an ass but we need quality so many click-bait titles and it isn’t always what it seems…that filter button will be doing work now🤣


as you know i use google translate

I feel that 24 hours is very little, 48 hours would be good, since there are days when the band is lazy and does not comment, although it is true that there are publications that effectively do not have much visual appeal, it is also very true that there are days when you go out and do not find nothing good in your town I think it would NOT be good to clip the wings of the new values ​​(hunters) I PREFER to see “bad contributions” but I know that this fellow is making an effort to contribute to the community so that there are thousands of users who do not contribute not a comment or a like to the publications (neither the good ones nor the bad ones) so the “quality control” would be better applied to users who do not participate in anything in the forum who only come to steal material or simply known as “voyeurs” ahhh it occurs to me better to make a segment called “beginners” where that material is moved by some moderator but it is not deleted and it will be the decision of whoever wants to see it and give him a little heart greetings !! !

ps: so far there are 17 comments of which only 5 users can be said to be hunters (contributors) like the other 12 have the courage to judge “a bad job” if they have no idea of ​​the risk involved in making a capture ? let’s not talk about A GOOD female anymore

como ya saben uso traductor google

siento que 24 hrs es muy poco seria bueno 48hrs ya que hay dias que la banda anda floja y no comenta si bien es cierto que hay publicaciones que efectivamente las presas no tienen mucho atractivo visual tambien es muy cierto que hay dias que sales y no encuentras nada bueno en tu localidad yo creo que NO seria bueno cortarle las alas a los nuevos valores (cazadores) YO PREFIERO ver “malos aportes” pero se que este compañero se esta esmerando en aportar a la comunidad a que haya miles de usuarios que no aportan ni un comentario o un me gusta a las publicaciones (ni a las buenas ni a las malas) entonces el “control de calidad” seria mejor aplicarlo hacia los usuarios que no participan en nada en el foro que solo vienen a robar material o simplemente los conocidos como “mirones” ahhh se me ocurre mejor hacer un segmento llamado “principiantes” donde se mueva ese material por algun moderadore pero que no se borre ya sera decision de quien lo quiera ver y regalarle un corazoncito saludos !!!

pd:hasta este momento van 17 comentarios de los cuales solo 5 usuarios se puede decir que son cazadores (aportadores) como los otros 12 tienen el valor de juzgar “un mal trabajo” si no tienen idea del riesgo que se corre para hacer una captura? ya no hablemos de UNA BUENA hembra


Id like to agree the point about the 24 hours. Sometimes the good posts need time to find their audience.