Redhead w/ Ponytail Bubble Butt

i abandoned her for a mid blonde gilf which i regret to this day, anyways enjoy what little i got of her. also my camera was acting stupid so some images came out good some bad, i doctored them best i could


Oh my so delicious. That ass has got to be super pale just how I like it. Definitely wish you got more, but good spread nonetheless.

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Ya cam fucked up + i capped an older lady that wasnt nearly as fine. What was i thinking :man_facepalming:

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Omfg that shit so plumply fat :crazy_face::tired_face:Nut worthy Ass​:peach::sweat_drops:


She was so fine

It serves as a lesson, I also regretted it for the same reason.

I would hardly change this profile nowadays, sometimes only after recording do you notice all the details of a smaller but rounded butt.

True but i guess i just love ma old bitches :rofl:
Tbh im not even attracted to women in their 20s. 30s and up for me anyday

Amazing redhead Bitch!!!

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You had me at “ponytail”.

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redhead, pale, skinny, nice ass, thongline = unzipping time

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really great!

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I loved her hair

She checked all the boxes for me too even tho i usually like em thick

Thnx :+1: