S22 ultra

Get the s22 ultra for hunting. Trust me its Camera is 10x better than any smartphone camera it is absolutely worth it and your captures will level up tremendously!!


Look at the quality!! More of them to come in future posts one day


Black leggings s22 ultra. Second to none.


Nice! I have an s21 and i think the camera is pretty solid as well.


I’ve got an s22 ultra, I also had the S21 Ultra and tbh can’t tell much difference in the cameras… Both awesome


I’ve got the A53 and need to learn to fine tune settings for indoor. Cam is good but I must need practice for top notch quality like you fellas here.

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i have an S20 FE and it’s honestly very good.

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These shots are a huge improvement. Keep up the good work.


my favorite


Anymore of the purple shirt?

Just ordered the S22 Ultra. Ill be playing with settings this weekend, comes in Friday😄

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I use S22 ultra. Make sure u use video not pro video and use 3x. Never use 1x. My recents are using 1x like a dumbass. 3x is super clear asf.

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Perfect. I have an app on current S10 that records while screen is off in full res. Hope to use it on new phone. It connects to my watch and I can see from there if needed. But not happy with resulta cuz I like high quality stuff lol. Hence, the new phone.

Takes awhile to master. So many settings. If you fvck up on one thing then you get blurr.

I use quick video recorder with 1x and I don’t seem to have an issue with it. especially for stores that have small aisles or for close up shots I feel that I have to be on 1x. Do you always maintain a distance? also what setting is pro video, is that a part of another spy app? I don’t really get blurr if I am decently steady.

Yes but will posts in future with a handful of other catches I don’t want to share yet

Ewww use ur own camera. The device camera is much clearer

Only app u need is black screen app from playstore. Read my post on how to shoot, as I’ve already explained how to do eveything. Proximity is key for quality, as well as settings.

Nothings better than iPhone

You must be trolling. S22 ultra has 100+ MP camera

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