Scrumptious and voluptuous ASS barely fit in the camera! (OC)

Gahhh damn that is a perfect ass

I will try


Hey bro, the amazing video if this masterpiece is down, please re-up :clap:

Thank you for sharing an amazing cap. Any chance if a vid reup?

how many loads does this bitch eat a day we thinking?

If anyone could reupload this video I would appreciate it. I was kick off of mega and I can’t upload it on any other platform. I have the vid so if anyone has any other way I can reupload it then please let me know!

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First section of video is here! Had to edit and shorten the length. 1 minute video. Second video will come in a few minutes.


We appreciate it !


Magnificent my man, thanks for sharing

Nice!! That ass is huge!
I missed the huge mega file :cry:

That thang thangin

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I hope you can leave the girl’s voice in the second part, you can see that she has a sensual voice

That shit is amazing, any chance on the second vid?

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i hope you can upload the complete video again :fire::fire:

Poor thing. You’d need a wiffle ball bat to get in there. Doesn’t sound like much fun.