Secret Life?

Does it ever feel like to any of you that you’re living a secret life? Like if you’re parents, siblings, friends, significant other, or just about anyone else found out you like taking or looking at creepshots and posting them in forums, how do you think they’d react? What if one of your targets found you in real life, what would you do then? I have this thought quite often so I was wondering if anyone else felt the same lol.


I’m sure 99.9% of us feel this way, I got a very loving gf who I want to spend the rest of my life with, but yet I’m here, on this forum, looking at other girls asses, if she ever found out she’d leave me for sure and probably even beat my ass, it’s hard saving the photos onto your phone too, especially videos


I sometimes want to delete my account and delete every “creepshot” I have, but it’s hard, it really is there’s just so much females with nice fat asses and you just want to fuck every single one of them, it’s hard, I don’t know what to do, I think I need therapy or a physiologist but my gf would find out that I’m going to those and ask why, if you have a wife and are into creepshots I recommend you stop, take care of your wife, I plan on stopping one day too, I hope me being caught by a family member or gf isn’t the reason I stop, I hope to stop on my own, and become a better person, a better man, we are all sick, we all aren’t 100% right in the head for being on this forum, but it’s better to acknowledge it and try and better your self, over not admitting that it’s a problem and just living a “secret life”


But yea you’re definitely not alone with having that feeling, I’m so sick in my head i sometimes think other people are creeping on subjects because they have their phone dangling in their hand around their waist line, and I want to go up to them and jokingly ask you want to send me those, cause sometimes it really does look like someone is creeping on the sexiest subject that you can’t capture because it’ll be too obvious and you’ll get caught and you know you’ll never see that ass again, or like you’re with family and you seen a fat ass and want to go take creepshots but you can’t cause you got no excuse to wander off from your family without it being obvious that’s you are creeping


I hear you man. I have hundreds of photos and videos saved in my hidden folder with the Face ID lock but I’m still paranoid asf that someone might find out. Plus it’s taking up a lot of storage on my iPhone so there’s another problem too. Maybe I’ll have to get a usb drive or something and upload all my shit there. And it’s only getting bigger with all the shit that I save and download from other sites too. It’s crazy.

Yeah I get what you’re saying. Even if you really want to it’s hard to quit candids cuz like you said all it takes is to spot a big ol’ booty in a pair of lululemon biker shorts in a store or on the streets to completely relapse lol. You’ll never see this women again, and you have a golden opportunity so why not take it? And then when you finally get some alone time to watch the full video and screenshot all the best angles while busting a nut, it’s the most satisfying feeling in the world — especially when you smoke weed and get high too lol. It’s just the best thing to help blow off some steam when you’re stressed, that’s all.

But yeah, I’ve been thinking of quitting too. I’m in my second year of college with decent grades and a lot of different hobbies and interests. I’m not currently in a relationship but once I do find someone I know for sure that I’m gonna have to find a way to quit this shit completely lol. It’s been around 4 months since I’ve taken any new candids but that’s just because it’s currently winter where I live, but I’m pretty sure once summer comes rolling in again that I’ll be right back at it lol. It’s not even that I don’t respect women, I have a ton of friends that are girls and we get along fine, it’s just that I’m an ass man, I always have been and I always will.

But honestly if you want my advice I’d say try to find a way get this shit under control for the sake of your relationship cuz that will bring you more long-term happiness than this shit bro. Delete all your stuff and cover your tracks bro. I heard CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and mindfulness training are really good for these kind of urges bro, but they take a lot of hard work and dedication to pull off. If you can, try to get at the root cause of why you’re doing this and what certain things trigger or compel you to look at candids in the first place. It could be a sign of some underlying mental illness or something. But I don’t know, just a thought.


We are freaking sick people bro. It’s so hard not to see all that beauty asses around


The hardest thing about about deleting everything is once you relapse it is f-ing painful knowing how much you lost.
Then to make up for it you start digging way deeper and getting more shots, “because I got to recover what I had before”

I realize this doesn’t help much, but for me personally “just quit” is hardly a solution. But then again, If I knew what the solution was I wouldn’t be here lol


Inside were all still cave men. The world has gone so technologically and socially forward, we live our lives more and more so against, what and who we are.

Everyone has some sort of secret, or fetish, or vice. I would say stop putting so much pressure on yourself, time goes too fast for that. We walk around with all this testosterone 24/7 and women would never ever understand what that is like, in a world full of hypocrisy, where its so anti men it’s unreal.

There is much worse than creeping on some butts.


Yea I definitely see where you’re coming from and yea I agree it isn’t the most healthy hobby but I honestly would say I don’t see the harm in still enjoying the community. If you really feel like this is starting to affect your daily life then yea I agree you should stop creeping and just quit all together. But in my opinion with the world we live in and all the shootings, serial killers, and just everyday violent crimes I feel like creeping on a nice ass is the least of it all. Some might agree with me and some might still think it’s wrong but just remember some people out there are ten times worse than this. Yea of course I wouldn’t want anyone to know I enjoy this but that’s why I always set standards and have a moral compass when it comes to this. Plus I’ve met some pretty cool people in this community and most seem like very respectable people. So just do what’s right for you that’s all


Yeah, we all live a secret live even normies do. I never have had an urge to delete my hard work.

I just contemplate more effective ways to hide my stuff(ie; "using .nomedia files =won’t show those photos in other applications, password protected hard-drive and removable drives).

Candid Photography is an art form. Creepshots are just a subset of the larger set known as “Candid Photography”. It is a niche, not a fetish. It is a prolonging of what the eyes can already see, not stalking women.

See it from the correct perspective. Yes, everyone outside of this forum will see it as “Creepy, weird, antisocial, perverted, stalkerish, illegal, etc”.

Just keep your mouth shut and let your business be your business, my friend! :fist_right::facepunch::beer:


Study cybersecurity(ethical hacking), this will help with not getting caught lol. Don’t be so paranoid. It all is legal stuff that we already see with our eyes + what the security cams in stores capture as well…


I’ve always thought that too yeah it’s perceived as weird, it is a little deviant but as long as guys aren’t stalking these women or do things to them they’re just taking photos of things they enjoy like a landscape photographer. Harmless from afar.

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The main reasons why this hobby gets a bad rep from the media, TikTok, and mostly everyone outside this board is because of the illegal shit: up_sk_irts, min0rs, spray fetishes (yes, those exist all over Tumblr), and groping fetishes (also easy to find on Tumblr). There’s also dark web forums dedicated to these types of candids. Basically, the weird and illegal shit is what everyone latches onto.

In the grand scheme of things, as others have said, when you compare it to other (actual) crimes that happen on a daily basis (murder, mass shootings, rap!e, etc…), we’re not doing anything illegal or harm to society. We’re admiring the beauty of a woman, however, she (as an objective observer, assuming she catches on to us recording), doesn’t know our intentions – maybe we intend to cause harm to her, she doesn’t know that. That’s also a big part of why this is seen as ‘creepy’. We know that we’re just snapping some ass in LuLus to post on the board, but she doesn’t.


immediately scours tumblr lol jk yeah I agree they don’t know our intentions and I’ll say it is fair women have to be careful but we’re aren’t bringing any harm to them

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Yeah, Tumblr is a weird place lol. Exactly, and I don’t blame women for having their head on a swivel. Especially with all the cases the media likes to throw out there of guys attacking, assaulting, or kidnapping women. For all she knows is that we’re taking her picture to post on a human traff!kicing auction site to be sold to the highest bidder somewhere in Slovakia or Amsterdam lol (maybe she’s watched Hostel one too many times).


What’s a spray fetish? I’ve never heard of that. Like piss stuff?

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Not quite - it’s a fetish where guys will spray a substance (usually some type of lotion) onto a woman’s ass. There are even some who will spray it on, and then alert the subject that they “Got something on their ass”…I don’t get the appeal of it, I find it to be really weird imo.


So pretty much a really roundabout way to lube and fuck a girls ass. Too each there own but also wtf

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Yeah, plus it’s illegal, so there’s that. I mean, they’re literally filming themselves spraying this on… so not the sharpest tools in the shed.

We’re men. I’m in a happy relationship with kids but that doesn’t change the fact I can’t help but look at an amazing ass when I see one. A large majority of men do. It may be a little extra that we take pictures of them, but there are definitely worse things one could be doing. I don’t really feel bad about it.