Seeking duo Nyc

Hello artists !! I have recently been seeking for a fellow artists that would like to cap together. I have never met up with a fellow capper but ive been interested.i think there will be less of a chance to get busted and more of a chance to get better caps of targets.feel free to dm me if you are in the nyc area and are interested aswell !!


Ha nice try FBI you wont catch me lacken today :joy:


If you go through my page you can clearly tell I love capping ass :joy::face_exhaling:


yoooooo hit me up lets chat I was looking for other shooters in NYC too

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Capping is like tennis - doubles is easier but it’s far more rewarding working your way through the singles bracket.

One of the worst ideas you can have, it’s hard to know where to start, the main ones being anonymity, trust, chemistry, all the programming of locations and types of subjects, exposure of some of the shooters in the recordings, this activity is individual /lonely. …
I know of great partnerships that have worked, but this is rare and I think these “facilitators” would not cover the risks.

I’m on both sides with what everyone’s saying. Years ago when we were still finishing our education, my friend and I learned early on that we both capping the same girls around the same time. It actually worked so good at the time especially because we were looking for the same thing and we’d always share what we had with each other by the end. And I agree that it made actual capping less suspicious. I’d say this worked because we were already close before hand so it almost felt like it was natural for us when this worked out. With a random person you really don’t know what to expect as you’re exposing your little secret to an absolute stranger who supposedly enjoys doing the same. It’s usually the aftermath that’s kind of weird as my friend and I stopped doing it but we’ll both forever know eachothers secret. We’re chill now but we’re at that age where I don’t know if he does it still and he doesn’t know if I do it either. For that reason I stay on my own just cause I don’t want to create any speculation or get myself into any shit.

You sir deserve a raise your hired :clap:

Definitely which is why I’m taking very serious precaution just like everyone else should if they want to meet another artists !! I’d like to just for the experience Yk

I’m down , im in nyc

Very down