Server with a crazy ass


She is hungry HUNGRY!


That ass needs to be ate

Was she cute too?

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Yeah, super f’ing cute.

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Love the under table shot. Good work mate!

Glorious ass :clap:t3:

Sometimes no matter how much they try to hide it, they just cant.


Oh Damn… hot-shaped ass…wish that ass was my only option on the menu and I’ll say yes right away… :peach::fire::yum:

Dude’s got high standards :joy: that is a magnificent ass. In person u would def say thats crazy

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Lol right? In person it was stunning. Super jiggly and made no sense in her body.

Any face shots?

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HOLY DAMN hope you go get more of this stunning ass. The way those pants just round over those globes and the detail of the material in the shots is so great. I’d bury my face in that ass for house after her shift.

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The way she fills out them baggy work trousers, that is a serious donk underneath

So so sexy

The fact of the filling out baggy work trousers like that, leaves something for the imagination, which also adds to how sexy she is

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