Setups, apps, and strategies. Successes and shortcomings

Reason for Post

Went to the store the other day and remembered it was always a hot spot to see some babes, out here those opportunities are hard to come by. So, I thought I might try to do some creepin, to get back in the practice, and work on my skills. This got me thinking, what are other people using, and what else new is out there?

My setup

A few years back, before I entered quarantine I had a pretty damn good setup, which inevitably disintegrated into oblivion. I was curious if things had gotten any better, and what are other people’s setup like.

My Equipment

  • Samsung Note
    A little bulky to do the job. But did have excellent quality camera.
  • Samsung Smartwatch with built in camera
    This was a brilliant addition to the setup, except for it made a shutter sound when it took a picture.
  • SC-OS6 app for android.
    In my opinion the best app on the market for creeping.

My tactic

Pretty much I just would either place the phone in my shirt pocket camera forward and it worked well, or I would hold the camera in my hand with the screen blacked out on autoburst and attempt to direct the camera in the right direction.


Less than I had expected. Subjects were usually too far away, out of focus, or at the wrong angle. But it was still some great fun.

Your turn

Thoughts? What is your setup like? Any successful strategies?


What app is that? I’ve used scos

I just put the samsung note in my small pocket of my man bag…but I create enough space to have the lens sticking out…so I just pull out the phone before a subject hit record and boom no one knows. No more holding the camera and I can stop recording by hitting the power button. It’s just a method I like to use for results


It was SC-OS6. I have corrected it. Thanks for pointing it out.

Ah, so! You are pretending to ‘check your messages’ while taking the photo? That is pretty risky. I assume you are not doing this in a crowded area, where someone snooping can just look over your shoulder.

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My screen brightness is turned down so no one really knows whats up…plus I’m aware of my surroundings thanks to my sensei lol… So when I’m ready I just pick the phone up and hit record…so it just looks like I’m checking my phone… then I put it back in my bag. Typical thing ppl do so no suspension is raised.

You smooth criminal…

I used to attend a college absolutely crawling with hotties. It was very crowded, especially in the science building. This strategy did not work so much there. Maybe it was just me being gorgeous, but I got a lot of curious looks.

Well I usually get looks also but it doesn’t stop my shine.

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So, I am guessing you use the default video/camera app? No love for SC-OS6?

Thanks for the SC-OS6 info