Sexy brunette smiles at being capped

No ass, barely any cleavage, just a really hot tall(ish) girl who knew she was being capped and smiled at me as she passed.

Has anyone else had this experience? It is rare but does happen…



when did she smile? :sob::sob::sob: some of the guys on here get no type of woman interaction and no offence to them but its sad. This post is sad.


Each to their own and you are entitled to your opinion, however she did smile. It was a subtle and knowing smile. I always take these type of comments with a pinch of salt as they are usually posted by members who have never posted their own topics or, as in your case, just the once.


to each their own. if you feel she smiled, i guess she smiled. :sob: :sob:


Well, i saw her smile.

Dear diary, I was walking down the street today trying to get some candids and you won’t believe what happened… A girl she actually looked at me and then she smiled. I have butterflies in my stomach I must share this.


Thank you. Lol

:sob: :sob:

I don’t see no smile either.
Some guys are really creating a fake world thinking girls are doing thing on purpose because they know they are filmed. I also see a unicorn int the back…

Not seeing any smile tbh… If she knew you were taking pictures of her she’d probably be creeped out and not smiling. Don’t take it too far out of reality lol.

I love doing this stuff often, adds a new dimension to capping.

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