Sexy thiccc Gym Asian NOT OC

I almost cummed in my pamts


What could they possibly be talking about. what kind of witchcraft of this

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One of the best

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Perfect body! :fire:

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hey guava, can you please post the full vid

Yeah she is fire but that bit in the parking garage has got to be staged :joy: oh well

Thank “GOD” there’s a video of this bitch.

Edit - Apparently there are two videos of this bitch. @Creeptech put out one back in August 2022. Where is the video for yours, @guava ?


100% their are 2 separate video’s of her shot on different days


pt1 Video


Saw this over on TOC. The dude actually talks to her out in the parking garage. The video is nuts.

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Beautiful, the videos are great too

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Great video! Part 2 must be a masterpiece

my bad for not knowing this but what does oc mean? :thinking:


I didn’t know that have another part. I know the other part in the garage. Who is the shooter?

the shooter doesn’t post on this board.
I think he goes by ebd0, not sure tbh.

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