Sexy tourist in Mexico showing her cheeks in short shorts (CandidMex)

If I was the tour guide I would say No charge for you today, Señorita! It’s your lucky day, Enjoy your visit. Thanks for sharing the pictures.


That fucking body…oh god.

Whoooaaaa! :exploding_head::exploding_head:
Terrific set bro! She has built her body like a fine wine and wants to show off to everyone :fire::heart_eyes:

Someone send this man the highest quality camera phone available ASAP.



can you send me the vid? this is hot damn

Those are some Tiiight shorts squeezing that thing. Very hot. Great cap.

Oooouuuuugghwow she’s just asking for a hard spanking

que tal bro! tengo de esa misma ciudad. Excelente post! impresionante

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I don’t normally say this but if you dress like that in a foreign, to you, country like that then you’re begging for it.

Video plz!

perfect, video pls

Hola bro eres de mi misma ciudad ?

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checa tus mensajes


un fucking real the amount of butt cleavage