Short Shorts @Mall

First Time Shooting, any tips?


Damn good work!

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U asking for advice? I think u got it man, based on these pics. Great angle, hot ass

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Thank you

Fire. Any face shots by chance?

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got me so hard thank you

Fuck me.

Great cheeky low angle also wondering if there’s a face not blocked by hair

If there is a heaven this is what it looks like for me!

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keep doing what ur doing!

Highly Requested


Great view.

It was meant to be.

Great angle, great ass, great post thanks

The fistful of panties doesn’t hurt either
(Awright - so maybe they’re tank tops - still… )

Video would also be orgasmic :joy:

Dang. She’s perfection.

Let’s go with panties.

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Tips? Keep ding what you’re doing. Do you pull these from video? Love to see it