Should i get an iPhone 15 or S24

I’m debating currently on buying a 15 or s24 and would like some tips on whether to go apple or android. Currently I am debating a switch because I am currently using an old android which has a bad camera (A13) I personally like the iPhone 15 more but the restriction of camera apps have made me rethink. It has pretty much just come down to camera quality on black leggings because currently I have had so many shots ruined on my current phone with not being able to shoot black leggings consistently with darker lighting. So please help me and give me some feedback on whether iPhone or Android is better on black leggings and if apple has ways to record secretly without to much hassle. (Any feedback is great!!)

Get the Nokia 808 PureView, it has a 41 megapixel sensor so it’s good for still shot candids. Has a great camera for a phone that came from 2012, that being said get this phone for photography purposes.

Iphone 15 definitely has better video recording.


the s24 has much better low light recording and is really good with colours, the iphone has slightly better recording and faster shutter speed. Choose whats more important to you

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It doesnt matter both phones are top of line difference is minimal but also dont cap black leggings unless lightning is good, no phone till this day can capture black well it just mushes and blurrs it no matter the phone ive tried on iphone 14 and s24 as i have both


which one would you say has better video, or are they really close?

I’ll argue it’s whatever eco system you prefer. Don’t get a phone SOLELY for its camera capabilities. It’s OK if that’s a large part of your decision making process, but also consider how easy it will make your life in other respects.

That being said

  1. Almost any smartphone camera made in the last couple of years (granted it’s not in the extremely cheap category) is capable of great-fantastic shots. You really can’t go wrong with the selection these days.

  2. Get that phone that ticks off most of your boxes. Cameras are nice, but how are the speakers? How well does it function on a day to day basis? Is it ergonomically friendly? Etc.

Now, here are my thoughts.

iPhone’s are widely regarded as the best video camera you will get on any smartphone, full stop. Having used one to shoot exclusively for the past few months, I’d say it’s hard to argue against it. It’s probably the best catch-all camera in terms of flexibility, point and shoot, quality, and everything most people care about.

Although, my *preference in terms of the primary camera’s look and feel goes to Pixel. Of the usual suspects (iPhone, Samsung and Pixel) The Pixel has the better overall quality and more cinematic look to it. Downside is that contrast dials up for whatever reason in post-editing. iPhone is the middle-of-the-road and comes in second place. If you had this instead of the Pixel, you wouldn’t be missing anything. It also has the best ultrawide camera in my personal opinion, being slightly wider than the Galaxy, and having better quality than the Pixel. The Pixel has the best stabilization of the three, though.

Samsung is in third place, but we aren’t talking by any discernible margin. It has the most flexibility of the three camera systems, and has always been the smoothest to edit in post. If I were to ding it, I would say colors are too blue and muted. Subjects typically look pale compared to other phones. But If I’m being honest, I prefer both the Samsung and Pixel’s UI overall the iPhone. I currently use a Samsung S24U as my primary and iPhone 15 Pro Max as my secondary. Although recently I’ve been shooting almost exclusively with the iPhone because of the reasons mentioned above.

However, I can’t stress enough to go with the phone that makes your life easier, overall. It’s the phone you have to interact with everyday, and a 500mp camera won’t mean shit if the UI on the phone sucks, or it’s too heavy, or it doesn’t have the greatest battery life. That’s my 2 cents.


You want 2024 camera go samsung

2022 camera go with iphone

Get the s24 Ultra. Has a great camera and dual recording capability so you can simultaneously record ultrawide, telephoto, front/back etc. Very useful for capping


capping? S24 or a Pixel 7 Pro/8 Pro

just like HassX said there’s literally no point in buying a phone for the cameras alone, you need to take other factors into consideration

I would’ve went for the S24 myself but I’m all into customization and modding, and samsung is terrible for that. So I went for the (luckily) best camera android phone ever, the Pixel 7 Pro
But ultimately it depends on you, just don’t get an iPhone :pray:

I don’t think you’ll ever find the definitive answer; everyone has their own opinion. I vote for iPhone without a doubt.

You on a perverted creep shot forum get the S24 ultra. Don’t be cheap. You can zoom in very far away and not lose quality while you in your car or walking about. You won’t be disappointed. It’s called a scumbag zoom for a reason