Slim Asian & Big Asian - one in denim shorts the other in black lycra shorts

Neither of these have quite enough for their own post for me (I want full coverage including front, rear & face shots) so I decided to create a series instead.

Part one of ̶m̶a̶n̶y̶ ̶ one: welcome to the “Slim Asian, Big Asian” series on !

  1. Slim Asian

  1. Big Asian


Gimme biggs.that booty look soft af

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Damm first one is SO beautiful :heart_eyes:

Before and After Marriage pics


Damn, crushing hard on that first chick. Also, love to see actual pictures instead of screencaps. Nice!

Flabbergasted by the Thic Asian

Yeah I didn’t think it was scientifically possible :joy:

Thanks! Yeah I totally get the benefit of screencaps but I like to take photos :slight_smile:

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