So I finally came out and told my partner about my hobby

I’m just looking for some opinions…

I told my partner that I was into this forum and taking shots of women in public. I told her about the thrill I get and I told her how I like this hobby. I was hoping to have support, but it was the complete opposite. I wanted to be open and honest with her.

Well, she used reverse psychology and told me, how does it feel if she were to do the same thing… I told her, if she wasn’t like getting their phone number I’d be fine, but anyway, a lot of talking later, I basically said I wouldn’t be doing it anymore (which is a lie). Should I just break up with her?


not sure what you were expecting. under no circumstances would i ever tell my s/o about this, no girl would ever support it. and no you should not break up with her over candids


So I should still do it behind her back? I mean, I’m not going to stop.


I mean if you genuinely care about this person and you are going out of your way to let them know about this and they don’t want you to do it, I’d probably just stop doing it because that’s gonna fuck with the trust of the relationship. You can’t let this hobby get in the way of your life like that


You’re right, but I’m bad at making life decisions.

Realistically how would have you tought she would have reacted lmao? Started to shoot other girls asses with you? Fuck no, girls think this is creepy behaviour so ofc they wouldn’t be in favour of this. You just ruined your relationship without any reason. I stopped shooting and deleted any evidence when I started dating.


What was your intention? I don’t really get it. Was she suspicious of you in any way?


I guess I’m in the minority because my s/o doesn’t mind at all and actually picks girls for me to shoot when we’re out. It’s definitely not something most would support but there are some that do. I think it helps that my s/o is bi & appreciates other women too.

The main point is these subjects of candids aren’t a threat in any way, they’re always just an image, a fantasy, rather than someone who’s in our life. I am never shooting a candid with the intention of getting that woman into bed or even approaching her.

If watching porn is ok then they’re already ok with you appreciating other women, but I guess in porn the women aren’t “real” like someone on the street & I understand why most women find candid shooting creepy.

But yeah don’t break up with someone over candids. Maybe next time (if you change relationships) just ease into it first, test the waters rather than just coming out with a confession. Sometimes jokey remarks are a good way of judging someone’s reaction without having to go all in.


Well best of luck to you. Brushing it off like it isn’t still a current thing would be in your best interest, I think. If you truly care about this person, then the fantasy of people you don’t know should fade. If it doesn’t, then ask yourself why? Is it worth it? These people don’t know you. You have someone that does know you and does care about you right there.

I’d never tell my person and if somehow it is figured out, well, I’d have to quit taking pics. Chatting on the forum doesn’t seem as bad though, but I haven’t thought kuch in that direction. Just be careful and be present in the moment. Don’t lose something amazing over the fantasy.


Naww bro this was not the move


My S/O would neuter me on the spot if I told her about my hobby😅


You should not have blown your cover.

You are lucky if she hasn’t already doxxed you on Reddit.

Get people who are not ON your team OFF your property if she lives with you.

Tell her you did it a long time ago if she brings it up again if you can’t end the relationship outright ATM.

U don’t want your life ruined and neither do we.

Do urself a favor and delete everything.

God speed and good luck.


Candid shooting is a hobby that’s not worth destroying a good relationship over. If she’s a good woman, with a good head on her shoulders, then do what you can to hold onto her. Women are so fucked up and crazy these days that you should consider hanging on to a normal one and just dump this stupid hobby.


This has been the best answer so far. This is what I wanted the outcome to be.

I think that if you didn’t know your girlfriend well enough to know that she wouldn’t like this then that’s the bigger problem. I know my gf would not like this so I’ll never share it.


Well said


Damn, my story is that my gf found some videos and pics that were tucked away in my phone. She went digging and found something she didnt like. This was last year and she is still with me, i told her it was long ago and that I completely stopped. But i got 2 phones, one for the plug and one for the butt. All in all, i would you rather stop the hobby for awhile and focus and regaining your girls trust for awhile. I keep this up but play it mad secret. People will always argue that we arent morally justified but the important things are the rules we have in place, which we dont really interact or touch these women. Just admire them from afar. Good luck tho, please provide update on what you do


If your are on the same page morally, that’s what is hard to find in someone.

Then decide if you will continue the hobby, and how.

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You’re dumb af


If you break up with her people are gonna ask why… word will get around man… possibly to your job, reputation…

It’s dumb af to tell ANYONE, but damn try and stop to stay with her so she doesn’t blackmail you

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