Some shots of my neighbor this morning


if I had a neighbor like this, I would be often at the window ready to shoot ! Great work ! Hope you will have more down blouse pictures !


Man she is absolutely amazing. You are so lucky


Love the perviness of spying on her like this. So hot. Bet you’ve been smacking away away at the window tons of times. I know I have for different neighbors over the years.

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Ever seen anything wild out there?

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One of the 10 commandments is to love thy neighbour so your technically you’re on a mission from God.


Im doing the lords work :joy:


I can’t get enough of her!!!

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Never has a chick looked so appealing
with a bag of shit in her hand…

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You can’t stop to make photos of her… and neither uss to watch her! she’s damm hot! :hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face:

Lol man I give you props. If I were in your shoes I would’ve gone outside and tried pulling a move lol. Also isn’t it a little odd she’s always infront of your window🤔 hahaha overall love the shots keep them coming man

Its just the path she uses when she walks her dogs

I’d put my binoculars and telescope to work on that house!