Sp camera app? What’s your opinion guys?

Not sure I heard android phones allow you to record with your screen off, I have iPhone 15 so idk

Instant Camo on ios

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Fr bro game changer fs

There isnt a slo mo but with motion detection you can put your phone in an idle position it would only record anything that walks by or moves in frame, saving hella storage.

Not sure if anyone will find an everyday use for it, I only use it at work. Good for those long haul sessions, i can just sit my phone in a hotspot and go. The app has other useful features too.


I use android ans there is an app “BVR pro” it allow you to record while you use any other app, like youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Also it allow you to record with your screen off. Also you can stop the recording with - volume and start to record again with +volume.

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