Spandex thick thighs-filming tips

You might feel a little scared at first which is alright, but remember you are there for one thing and one thing only and that is to provide for this awesome website.

I suggest using an iPhone to film preferably an iPhone XR or iPhone 11.

There are ways to film with the screen off, it’s hard to explain here so I suggest watching a video on how to film with the screen off.

When recording with the screen off do not point it towards anyone, just walk normal with the iPhone to your side.

Try not to swing the iPhone back and forth just keep it steady and aim towards your target but make sure it’s not obvious.

If you are in a store make sure you are looking for something to buy and I’d say you have a good 2 minutes of following a target.

Do not film underskirts that is forbidden on this websites, film legal women/men of age.

Here are some great places to film
Walmart,Targets,Costco,Local Mall,Hikes,Tourist attractions,Family gatherings,Airports!!!

DO not wear sketchy clothes like jackets,pants
Use-shorts,tight shirts,hats


how are pants sketchy can you elaborate?


You can wear pants as a casual fit like khaki style. Jeans do make men look more masculine and attractive to some women but that’s the thing, you want to draw least attraction from yourself, I am a 20 year old and I usually have a style of khaki shorts/surf shorts and a black/white shirt. I also wear a flat brim hat not curved. If you need more tips just ask I have been doing this since I was 14 and was never caught.

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For those newcomers, i keep my phone at the lowest brightness and have my wallet on top of the screen and it doesn’t affect. Quick button twice on power and it’s ready to record, one push on volume and cameras are rolling.

I never look directly at the subject and always keep hand on side of body. That means always facing side of subject. Aisles of stores are great as you’ll be facing the products and phone will be recording.