Spanish girl mid 20’s camouflage leggings at the mall

Little scared at first from the boyfriend but he was in such a rush to leave he left me with the best angles and up close action.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Let me know if I should upload the video!!!


Great job! She is so hot, the camo leggings drive me crazy. You should definitely upload the video!



Love the tiny waist! Wish we could see front shots! Bring on the video

jeeez what a body

Can you please upload video to mediafire and put the link here so we can see in best quality?? Please!!

Those leggings fit so tight on her. Awesome :ok_hand:

well done!!!

Pps video

Apologize for the late response but here’s the vids!


Both good, second one great! My god what a body :flushed: Damn near perfect ass

incredible shooting @backsideshots !! love the design of those leggings, its like v-ball shorts, thighhighs and leggings all in one!

my man! thank you!

iPhone 11 the zoom technique works nicely