Spanish mami ready to burst out of her outfit in store pt.2 (1 video + 1 clip)

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Part 1


Look at the size of those cheeks… Need to get clapped immediately.



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How do u upload a giphy without the file being too large to upload?

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Joli cul bien rond

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Ohh god🥵

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Holy smokes

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Great catch, what an ass!

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I’m not sure if they have a paid subscription where they allow you to upload bigger files? I usually just upload to their free service and download the files after I make them. They cap the file size, so there’s no way around it unless your video is low quality, you can get away with a longer clip.


Wow simply stunning.

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Lol mediafire mega gofile u can upload whatever size ur file is and it’s free.

He’s asking about the Giphy website, which caps your file sizes to a specific limit on the free version.

Damn you’ve been holding on to this since 2017

You’re looking through the file descriptions, lol??

And yeah, i have. I made a post about this earlier, but I don’t upload my files right away to reduce any possibility of being identified. By the time I post it, the subject - if ever to see it - will have long forgotten about it, as well anyone else in the vid, most likely.

I have a large library, so that backlog works to my benefit anyway, as I can continue to shoot and upload videos in my catalog, without hiccup.


Ay mamacita want to make a good shake with those asscheeks.

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Mucho Gracias

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