SPC app questions

So I have 2 questions.

1: what causes my recording to shut off early (like you think you’re recording for 20 minutes but you only get 5)? I don’t think it’s a storage issue. I’m doing this technique right now where I have my phone in my backpack pocket with gloves in the pocket propping up the phone and then I’ll slant my backpack up a chair to get some nice upshots when girls walk by. They turned out really good. But my recording doesn’t go as long as I expected. My guess is that when people walk by, I can feel the floor bounce and that stops the recording but I’m not 100% sure. Has anyone else had this issue and know what caused it?

2: Anyone know how you can prevent accidentally clicking on the view cam button so that it becomes fully visible when recording? That has happened to me once but thankfully nobody noticed but I felt like an idiot and had to immediately double tap to make it look like I wasn’t recording.


Theres a setting to lock the ui once recording starts. I ran into a similar issue but for me it was storage. You can also lower the visibility of the screen / buttons

I saw that on here. But i think I’m gonna use a phone wallet to completely cover my front screen. And as for question #2, i also discovered the voice feedback option with earbuds. So it’ll say whenever the video is starting/stopping


IDK what SPC is, but the BVR 2 APK is floating around on the internet somewhere.

Which spy camera app do you use I am on iOS.

im sorry i still cant find this setting, where is it located?