St. Patty Day Ass with see through pants *g-string*

Leaves nothing to the imagination :eggplant::peach::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::drooling_face:


Oh yeah! I remember this one! Omg the look on her face



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This ones a few years old now, Iā€™d like to know who shot this too

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G strings are worn only to get attention from men. Why else wear something that barely exists? It makes more sense to go without any panties at all.

To cover their pussy?

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I used to date/fuck a girl that preferred g-strings over a thong because the material of thongs bothered her. She said it was too much wedged in her butt crack and preferred not feeling that while still covering her pussy.

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What a fucking slut. Good one

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Excuse mam. Your gsting is showing.