Summer has been dead for me

I’ve gotten maybe 2 good subjects these past two months. Wtf has happened? Anyone else not having any luck since summer started?


Walmart has so much security now where i live and employees everywhere the opportunities are lacking. Its a heatwave this week so there’s many half naked women everywhere

i agree w/ walmart. target sucks now too. really it’s down to tjs and homegoods for me. and i cant just frequent those stores every week lol. im becoming more and more of an organic shooter, just capping when im legitimately shopping. no longer taking trips just to shoot


In AZ theres no shortage. I do find it frustrating when im alone and hunting the variety is not that invigorating. Oh but let my wife and kids be around and theres 9 month pregnant ladies with huge tits walking around in skin tight one pieces without a bra on… I about made up a obvious retarded excuse to run i lnside the store to cap her real quick but knew the wife would call bullshit and follow me in lol

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i see a lot of pawgs but usually they either a butterface or have a chubby stomach or just something that takes away from the booty. i just need a phat ass with a slim waist and pretty face. is that so much to ask for :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Get the hell out of stores and get outside.

Summer just plain rocks when you’re outside

She’s not even close to my best cap


Well you know…look at the pics posted on this site and almost nobody gets nice all that in one woman. Usually nice butt but with a gut and/or an average face…or straight up fugly.

Usually if the girl is average looking most replies will say she’s gorgeous. I just assume these are all married guys with kids and a 45-50 year old wife. They are usually very average looking girls they call "gorgeous "

Az nice. Me too

I wouldn’t necessarily say summer is dead for me, I’d say that I’ve been capping so long, and so often, that I’m not seeing anything *new or exciting anymore beyond what I’ve already capped in terms of quality, etc.

In other words, my baseline level of normal has substantially increased in terms of what I want to shoot, but this obviously doesn’t correlate to what’s actually out there. You can only get so much 10/10’s to where you’re *expecting them every time you go out so much so that it becomes your new normal… which is a double edged sword.


Marshalls bro!!!

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Ross bro

They’re out there bro. Idk what’s your type and all, but sometimes I drive to a near by city that’s predominately Hispanics and African Americans. That way I’m only cappin latinas and ebony cuz that’s my thing​:man_shrugging:t4::fist:t4: wish you luck my dude.


ima head out to a college town these weekend and see what i can get :pray: