Super busted at Target (again)

No, no upskrts… everything i captured would have been visible from a distance tbhi dont even know how guys get upskrts with a phone without getting extremely close

Target security at least in my area has been more educated on Candids. I went to a target 30 mins out it was my first time capping there literally 12 mins in security was following me and asked me what I was doing and tried to look at my screen. That was my first time busted at a target but I’ve been seeing a lot more people say it on here too. Stay away from TJ Maxx they attempted to ban me.

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You’ve done nothing illegal, as long as you weren’t taking upskrts, or pictures of minors or any pictures within a space where someone could expect a legal means of privacy (bathroom, fitting room, etc). Other than that, you don’t need to comply with anyone about anything. Next time, if you’ve been approached by staff, say nothing and keep walking out. If the police get involved, you still have no obligation to comply with anything so long as you have not been trespassed previously and aren’t committing one of the crimes I listed above. The worst that can happen is a permanent ban from the store. If the implement a ban, you will be breaking the law upon return and then the floodgates do open for all the creeping from the past so be careful in that regard. Otherwise you’re fine. If you simply keep walking and never ID yourself to the staff, they can’t ban you because they have no proof of who you are.

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what did they “detain” you for? what did they say was their exact cause? if they didn’t read your rights to you and say you were under arrest, you have no arrest record