Super hot round ass asian with NVGTN pants at Target is back! (Videos)

Alright, you guys remember her? Hot Ass round Asian at Target

She’s back! This time, spotted her super hot bright NVGTN yoga pants from a mile away and confirmed it was her. She was slowly cruising around target so I got some good snaps. Unfortunately, I lost her after a while because I was hoping to stand behind her in line to get more footage. Then, I went to next store and found her there! Kaching! Too bad someone was already standing behind her in line and it was crowded so I had to shoot a bit further away than I would have liked. I follows her all the way in parking lot and funny thing is, I saw her smile pretty hard a few times - I think she knew i was snapping away and didn’t mind.
Enjoy you all!

Mega dump coming!

Video folder link: 6 videos


Great shot!

That’s a good thing right?

Freaking Amazing!!! That Asian Is Something Else. Great Shots :fire::peach::heart_eyes::raised_hands:

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Fantastic Set! Thank you!

outstanding thanks!

Red Booty Delicious!!

Elle est exceptionnelle

Fucking unicorn - an Asian with an ass, wow…

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Built for breeding :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Love a good Asian post

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Absolutely amazing

Amazing ass, but she is the definition of butterface


That is what the old comedians would call a double bagger…for her head obviously. So ugly you need two bags in case the first one breaks

I’m not sure I could maintain an erection if I had to look at her face


I liked your first post of her, so this is a welcome surprise. She looks great and there’s a large amount of content too. A hot ass in red leggings, with 85 images and a video? Nice work.

Fine ass body but low key got a busted face lol

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I just know the backshots would be amazing :face_exhaling:

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Hi it seems that the mega link is not working :( where I can have access to the content, thank you for the material!

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Damn that is a sexy girl, a real stunner of a butt. Nicely captured.

Need to reupload with mediafire but with discrete title my friend

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