Supermarket candid fat asses photodump

This post is just a series of the best shots I’ve taken while working at a grocery store, and I gotta say, everyday I’m thankful for living in an area predominantly full of Latinas and black women with fat asses

Some of the clearest shots I have of my coworkers

Customers I’ve come across


Here’s the rest

Lastly here’s my manager with an unbelievable ass that would make you stare shamelessly if you saw it in real life (Sorry for the blurry quality, it’s all I could get of her)


Awesome series! I’d be all over your managers ass too, would love to have her smother me with that big ol booty!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Great Post

So many great captures

Haha yeah, your manager has a devine ass

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Sweet post, your managers big ass is quite the sight! :heart_eyes:

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