Sweet honey in tight jeans

I have video, how do I upload the video?


:heart_eyes:these are amazing; let me see if i can help you upload the video one sec

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go to candidgirls video site

hit the 3 lines hit sign in then hit them again and hit upload :slight_smile: thanks for sharing

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Here you go.

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You’re welcome. Glad you enjoyed it. Girls do this because they want us to look. They get off knowing they make us hard. Haha

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Her mom was close by and looking suspicious. Haha I figured my HD shots were good enough. She provided some nice jack off sessions for that day. :laughing:

I use the app to record in the background while I surf my phone. I do it intentionally so people can see my screen. This way it doesn’t raise any red flags. They think I’m checking my email or social media. LOL

It’s all about misdirection. No ever suspects a darn thing.

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What app/device outta curiousity

OnePlus 7 pro. I always forget the name of the app.

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