TCF refugees?

Just wondering how many other TCF refugees there are here? I guess there is a large group of users locked out from that forum. Mostly probably lurkers like me, but still :slight_smile:


Got locked out years ago because I didn’t visit for a few weeks.

Tried to ‘appeal’ but got an extremely smug pretentious response from the admin and didn’t bother trying after that. I’d contributed many photos and videos but it wasn’t good enough.

This is before I even get into how obnoxious some of the ‘big’ users were on there & how the conversation kept descending into fighting.

I enjoy viewing & taking candids but as soon as it starts to become hard work I lose interest. I’m glad there are chill alternatives like here.


What is the owners name?


Yeah, I get what you are saying. :slight_smile:
I never had any problems over there, but for sure, the tone could have been nicer. I hope/think this forum can provide a relaxed setting without sliding down the slippery slope.
Anyhow, I guess TCF is a business for the owners and they want to make as much bucks as possible. Nothing wrong with that, but I like the free communities :grin:

TCF refugee here. I had 800+ threads when they put up the pay wall.




That paywall shows they are just interested in quick money from new subscribers. But wow, even you got kicked out! :cry:

Another one here - didn’t have 800 posts, but well over 100. It was nice to have a place to post, but it wasn’t the most welcoming. Anybody else here from the old “The Candid Scene”? Loved that one, but it got closed about 3.5 yrs ago.

Anyway, glad I found this place, looking forward to sharing a bit. :slight_smile:

I was also in that place for a little while, then they blocked me for not connecting for a couple of days

now in this forum I am very comfortable, it is like an oasis and I hope that everything continues like this

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Yup. I was mostly a lurker, but had a dozen quality posts O.C. and actually sent them some money for awhile, too! But when they asked for more money I said “fuck it!”, not worth it. This forum has potential, but the quality is seriously lacking photo wise, and videos are pretty inconsistent in quality as well. Still, there is some very nice free content on here…I hope the moderators can continue to build off of a good start!


I posted my content on there for years, even got recruited to the elite shooters group. I got divorced and had to step away from the site for a few months. When I returned I had been kicked off the site for “inactivity.”

I reached out to the site’s owner to explain my situation, but he didn’t care. I asked him to remove my content, but he refused. As far as I’m concerned he’s a thief, as he’s making money off of years worth of my content.


Exactly. I never interacted with him, and kind of ignored the grumbles about him. Guess I shouldn’t have. For me, my computer died, and by the time I got a new one, I’d been kicked. My reinstatement request got the same response as you. I was just starting to get fairly active there, and hadn’t gotten too invested. But that was enough that I lost my interest in that site.

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He wanted me to pay to get back in…That just pissed me off.

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That’s fucked what he did to you.

What a piece of shit.


Yeah, understandable. I’m certainly not going back.