Technique: Simple is better?

So far I have gone the simplest route I can. I carry a “prop” in my camera hand to cover the screen. So no extra apps installed. When not shooting the prop (notebook in this case) is always casually viable. When shooting I just turn the camera

I use a Samsun s21 and shoot at 4K. A technique I use if I am feeling paranoid is to delete each clip right after I take it. (I have my trash folder set to delete after 30 days), so later, I undelete them and move to my computer for editing. When I say paranoid I mean that if I see security guards or cops around, or someone calls me out . . I’ll be able to hand my phone over without raising any suspicions. The way I see it, Constitutional of not, if a cop asks to see my phone I’ll hand it over. Never happened yet . . . Whew . . Another reason to have no candid apps on it.

The other tips I’ve seen here are great, by the way


Very true about camera lenses. The closer the zoom the easier it is to be off target. Been burned that way. Now I use the anti shake, which defaults to 0.5, instead of the typical 1x. The results are smooth, and it is forgiving when aiming aiming. Downside is that look further away that they actually are. I shoot at 1x these days and maintain a distance. Always practicing

Just an fyi… many people are keen to the recently deleted folder and will check there.

An alternative is to: create a new album in gallery, move content into it, and then use “hide or unhide albums” toggle to remove it from view.

Definitely a more secure procedure. I will look into it. What is most important is the ability to delete a file in seconds, should I ever have to.

bro use secure folder built into sami

Unless you’re upzkirting you don’t have to worry about them finding it on your phone even,I just use a hide folder,and I just shoot with my phone in my hand most of the time sideways by my thigh and if noones around I can extend my hand however

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Thought about this the other day with it being winter coming up. Hiding a cam in a pair of gloves. It’s common to see some holding there gloves in there hands while inside when its cold outside.

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Why because the gym will ban you?