Teen walking on Street



Thats a big fat ass, love it

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nice catch!! Have you posted this somewhere before, looks familiar-ish

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All of my content is from my Tumblr Blog… I keep getting Terminated and a fellow Bloggers told me about this site … so I’m posting here
Thank you for recognizing my work


ive been around since before Twitter did BIG BOOT as Miss_Creep - kinda want to change my name here :slight_smile:
My Tumblr is still active since waaaaay before then and it may be because i have it hidden from public view. I have yet to be terminated once from them. I also havent posted as much content for the same reason - but i got a lot of reposts!!!
There are some candids popping back up on Twitter now lol

You should Look me up …haha!!
“ c3rtified-c3ntral “

Mine is “Miss_Shotz” currently

I might have mentioned this site to you, great content on her you’ve posted.im trying to keep up with you!