THANK YOU for 1k likes. Heres a smoking hot tight teen to say thank you. She was perched just outside my hotel window. High quality SLR photos (sorry video beggars)

1k likes? This isn’t YouTube. :laughing:

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Got 1k likes tho

i was just looking at some other users and it seems i cant find another user with over 1k hearts? am i just really popular here or am i not loooking at the right users? i didnt know 1k was a lot i just thought it was a cute milestone :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

I’ve been only posting for 2 weeks and I have 672, I’ll be at 1000 soon😈

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But your shit is fire so doesn’t surprise me, there’s a lot of suspect posts sometimes but lately it’s been great

But you share good quality stuff buddy! I think my first topic was posted about 30 days ago. Should we have a race to 2k?

suspect posts

you talking about my stuff or others? :nerd_face:
ive poted a few topics that were taken down or never approved… not sure why, maybe they were “questionable”

I mean you have 1000 more likes that me at this point so wouldn’t be much of a race!

Others, haven’t seen a post by you that isn’t premium, is all your shit your own?

yes, all mine. accumilated over the past 7 years. i worked down on the beach in 2013 and just fell in love with following exposed teen around all day. theres a user on this site going around saying none of my stuff is mine because he has my videos that were uploaded to TCZ a few years back, but im trying to get him banned @candid11 you reading this my little lemon cake?


For me it was college that sparked this hobby/addiction

I am going to a music festival next weekend though….100s of thousands of asses to capture and share😍

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Wow! Amazing work. Thank you

1k is has to mean something for the little time frame, no doubt about that.

She’s so gorgeous, love how pale she is


It’s when they private message you and demand you upload the video because apparently their need to cum over your content is more important than anything else.


No shit!
Or when they ask for a video and they actually get it, or it’s already ther, and then complains it’s not 4k 60fps :yawning_face:


and they have zero topics.


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No way! Is that real?

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