Thanks Mods and Creator/s

for being a solid TCF alternative and I hope we get bigger than TCF. Maybe not “bigger” but def higher quality than TCF.

Allowing registrations much easier than TCF a great start in my opinion since candids candid lovers is super niche.


I was never apart of tcf but I’ve heard that the site owner is a dick? I’m newer to the scene even tho I took my first candid with a flip phone 12 years ago of the hottest cheerleader in HS and that same day realized I was obsessed with candids. I only started hunting recently as before that I rarely captured due to fright.

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I was never apart of tcf either but their processes for candid fans is stupid. Oh well. I discovered candids/candid content a few years ago hooked ever since, found great shooters but very few places for fans to congregate and talk. The few of them not even looking that great either. Candidgirls io is a winner in my eyes. Earnings peoples time on the internet only getting more difficult so places like this already got me committed.


I like it here as well. I used to like the old candidscene.

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Same (as we discussed previously). TCS was far superior to TCF, and this place is also much better than TCF.

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