The adrenaline of them knowing

Was following around this tall girl with a phat ass. Was recording her as she walked around the hallways. The fact that she knew and would attempt to look back to see who I was and the way she would adjust her pants so that I couldn’t see. I was following her and taking multiple videos only to realize that I had flash on in one of them and it was a crowded hallway. Surprisingly, no one noticed and I have yet to see if the videos amounted to anything. But whether they do or do not the excitement I had for those two minutes was so great.


It is the reason I continue!


Me to

Does anyone ever feel shameful after shooting? I feel somewhat dirty after a day shooting unless it’s the adrenaline wearing off and my serotonin dropping but it seems to make me feel Shame. But I just cannot help myself even when I’m with the misses. It’s an addiction :tired_face: :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Can we see the video

The adrenaline I get is so high I can hardly breathe, If I were to get caught I would be so screwed because I would be stuttering and messing up my words due to such a high adrenaline


Could you share the video?

The thrill is why I shoot and a lot of these women don’t mind at times which is crazy…maybe it’s just based on who you are?

No shame, never.
There may be times I feel I wasted some time, it was a shame someone had to come shaking their ass in front of me requiring me to catch footage.
Sure I have morals, I also have priorities, and then I got hobbies. Besides, this is way better than illegal things I was good at.


I agree!! The rush you experience when you spot a nice ass in cheeky shorts, or thin leggings with clearly visible thong/cheeks is incredible! I absolutely love the female Anatomy! It definitely is an addiction for so many of us!


“ it was a shame someone had to come shaking their ass in front of me requiring me to catch footage”